‘NCIS’ Spoilers: As Ziva David Seems Closer To Returning, Rumors Swirl That Timothy McGee May Leave

This season of NCIS has been filled with drama and a great deal of confusion as fans keep wondering if Ziva David is actually returning. For years, Cote de Pablo has been away from the hit CBS series, but as reported by The Inquisitr, it seems as if she may be on her way back. As the inevitable time of her return keeps inching closer, there are now rumors swirling around that Timothy McGee may soon depart the team of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Since the very beginning of the series, Sean Murray has been a part of NCIS and it is hard to imagine it without him. Still, that is exactly what many thought about Ziva, Tony, Abby, Jenny, Kate (Cait), and others who have departed the show over time.

Sean Murray has appeared on more than 350 episodes of NCIS, which is third only to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Ducky (David McCallum). There have been rumors, though, that Ducky may not be back for the 17th season of the series if CBS ends up renewing it, which is a good possibility.

According to Express, though, there have been many hints dropped during this season to bring about the idea that McGee may be moving on. If that ends up happening and Ducky departs too, Gibbs would be the lone remaining team starter since NCIS began in 2003.

Earlier this season, a private firm began taking long hard looks at Timothy McGee who has been an expert cyber crimes analyst for years. He has a very extensive and impressive resume which would make him a coveted asset by numerous companies around the entire world.

The gifts he received from a tech company were something that he sort of brushed off, but fans could tell how important they were to him. Kasie made it a point to reveal she had called the company and they only send those kinds of gifts to “prospective employees.”

McGee admitted he was being “head-hunted” and it was revealed that this could be a position that will bring him millions of dollars in salary. He wanted to keep it a secret and asked Kasie to do the same, but fans have not let that moment slip their mind.

Last year, Country Living reported that there were rumors of a major character loss in Season 16, but no names were dropped at the time. With the season winding down and only six episodes left, something big will possibly end up happening before all is said and done.

NCIS is one of the longest-running shows on television right now and it is still drawing in huge ratings for CBS even through numerous team changes. It’s not confirmed that Sean Murray aka Timothy McGee is leaving, but the hints have been dropped on numerous occasions. Actually, that could be the reason that rumors of Ziva David’s return have been flying around. Showrunners may feel that losing one of Gibbs’ team members may not be too bad if another comes back