NCIS season 16 spoilers: Will Ducky stay on NCIS after shock episode

NCIS season 16 last week saw Dr Mallard return to the CBS series. But will Ducky stay on NCIS or will he leave again?

Dr Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard (played by David McCallum) returned to NCIS season 16 last week for an episode of the CBS drama. Ducky fans are wondering whether the character will stay on NCIS now or whether he is soon to leave again, perhaps for good. NCIS season 16 last week seemed to suggest that Ducky was leaving the series, which airs on Fox in the UK.

Will Ducky stay on NCIS?

According to NCIS season 16, episode 16, titled Bear and Cubs, which aired on March 12, Ducky may soon be leaving the series.

The fact that Dr Mallard won’t stay on NCIS for long, however, was first teased on the Twitter account for the show before the episode aired.

The post from the NCIS Twitter account read: “Ducky is back…for now!”

Then, in Bears and Cubs, we got more hints about Ducky’s departure.


Ducky was seen telling Anthony DiNozzo Sr (Robert Wagner): “This may be my last autopsy for a while, perhaps ever.”

He then said: “I’m not sure there’s a place for me here.

“Dr Palmer is an exceptional medical examiner who has every right to resent my return.

“I daresay, I might feel the same way if the roles were reversed.”


Though Dr Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) told Ducky he didn’t resent him, Dr Mallard then told Gibbs he planned to leave.

He told Gibbs (Mark Harmon): “I’m not entirely sure, but one thing I am certain of: My future will no longer include NCIS.

“I’ve done all I have to do. It’s time for Dr Palmer to be the permanent chief medical examiner. I’m sorry.”

Although Ducky seems to be leaving soon, NCIS has not revealed when the doctor will be leaving.


According to IMDB, Ducky will be appearing in the rest of NCIS season 16.

CBS has not confirmed when and if Ducky will be leaving.

However, their cryptic Twitter post suggests it will be sooner rather than later.

NCIS fans will have to keep tuning in to see whether Ducky will end up staying on NCIS or whether he will soon leave.

NCIS season 16 airs on Tuesdays on CBS