Tragic Details That Have Come Out About This Former NCIS Star

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette advocates for victims of assault, stalking, and domestic violence — issues that, sadly, have also personally touched her. But that’s not even the full story on the Abby Sciuto actress’ dark past. Here are the tragic details that have come out about the former NCIS star. Perrette’s only marriage — to musician and DJ Francis ‘Coyote’ Shivers — ended dramatically in 2004 when the couple split. According to Fox News, Perrette obtained a restraining order against Shivers when they finally divorced in 2006. Perrette, along with another ex-wife of Shivers, told Fox that he… “[…] stalked them and inflicted upon each of them endless mental distress [and] terrorized them […] during their respective relationships.” Shivers, who has been arrested on multiple occasions for violating Perrette’s long-standing restraining order, even filed his own lawsuit against her in 2014. In it, Shivers claimed Perrette was harassing him, but the court ultimately dismissed the suit. Watch the video for more about the Tragic Details That Have Come Out About This Former NCIS Star.