Former ‘NCIS’ Star Lauren Holly Thinks Pauley Perrette’s New Show Will Be ‘Terrific’

Former ‘NCIS’ Star Lauren Holly Thinks Pauley Perrette’s New Show Will Be ‘Terrific’

NCIS alum Lauren Holly is hopeful that her former co-star, Pauley Perrette’s new series Broke will be “terrific,” since it will give Perrette a chance to show fans a funnier side of the actress.

Holly, best known for her role as NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard from Seasons 3 to 5 between 2005 and 2008, told how she “immediately hooked up” with Perrette while the two filmed together, and “just loved her.”

While Holly has effortlessly gone from starring in a plethora of dramas to comedies over the course of her career, she tells how she understands why Perrette would want a change of pace now with her new show, set to premiere this fall.

“It’s fun to put on a different hat. That’s what we do, we like to play different characters,” Holly said. “She’s great at comedy, so I think it’ll be terrific. And she really loves the people that she worked with and I think she’s excited about this new show.”

Perrette left NCIS after 15 seasons and chose to take a year off from television. Thankfully for fans, she would announce her return to CBS with the new sitcom, co-starring Jane The Virgin’s Jaime Camil and comedian Natasha Leggero.

In the new show, Perrette plays Jackie, a single mom and bartender whose sister Elizabeth (Leggero) suddenly shows up with her formerly rich husband Javier (Camil) to move in with her. Although the class differences make life difficult at first, Jackie and Elizabeth find their family bond is still there. The show will debut on CBS this fall.

While Perrette and Holly were beloved by fans on NCIS and many were left at the edge of their seats after the Season 16 finale brought back Ziva David (portrayed by Cote de Pablo), Holly pauses before addressing whether her character would ever return — revealing she is certain Shepard just can’t come back.

“They really killed me though. They really killed me. They burnt down my house… and I was shot,” Holly said. “I don’t think you come back from that.”

Holly is best known for her roles in Picket Fences, Dumb and Dumber, What Women Want, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Motive.

She will next be seen in Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland as Lynn Harper. Although the show’s first two seasons aired on ABC, Season 3 will debut on Netflix on June 7. Holly said working on a Netflix show is a little different compared to a traditional network show.

“Iit’s a different animal,” Holly said. “I’ve never worked for Netflix before so it’s kind of odd because they’re like the unseen Oz behind the curtain or something.”