The Last Surviving Actor From Gone with The Wind Turns 103!

The Last Surviving Actor From Gone with The Wind Turns 103!

Olivia de Havilland was the sweet and love interest of many legendary Hollywood classics. She has surely caught the attention of moviegoers as she was building her acting career. She is considered as an iconic yesteryear star with her 49 film roles for 53 years in the business.

Olivia is a two-time Oscar winner for the Gone with the Wind. In fact, she is the last surviving cast member of this Academy Award-winning film which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary. She already retired from the business 30 years ago but she remains to be a favorite among those who were fans of evergreen classics.

This actress was born in Tokyo on July 1, 1916. She received her five Academy Award nominations for the role of Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in 1939s Gone with the Wind. Forbes believes this is one of her memorable roles but she made her debut in this industry through A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1935.

Hollywood immediately took notice of her that very same year when she performed alongside Errol Flynn in Captain Blood, a 1935 pirate film. Her first Oscar nomination was in 1947 for her role in, To Each His Own, then again in 1950 for The Heiress. In honor of her contribution to the industry, she received the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

Through the years she was loved and everyone appreciated her talent in acting.

Even though her role in Gone with the Wind is what she is most popular for, she revealed in the past that she could not identify with the character, Melanie Wilkes after she read the novel by Margaret Mitchell. But the Sidney Howards’ version for the film screenplay changed things for her. It did not only identify her for the character, but she also grew to admire her.

She said, “But when I read Sidney Howard’s wonderful script, Melanie seemed like a totally different character. I liked her, I admired her, I loved her. ”

Now, 103 years old Olivia holds the glory of being the oldest person to be appointed a Dame Commander by Queen Elizabeth II. This title was given upon her when she attended the monarch’s birthday before she celebrated her 101st birthday in 2017.

During her interview with PEOPLE last year, she spoke about being bestowed with the honor. She said that she is, “extremely proud that the Queen has appointed me a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

She also talked about the topic while speaking to The Epoch Times, saying, “To receive this honor as my 101st birthday approaches are the most gratifying of birthday presents.” Aside from this, she was also given an honorary doctorate from the University of Hertfordshire in England as an appreciation for her professional achievements.

When she celebrated her 100th birthday in Paris, she shared her ‘would be’ advice to her younger self saying, “Take a long leave of absence from the Warner contract and go to Mills College, where the scholarship I had won in 1934 is still waiting for me!”

She celebrated her 103rd birthday on July 1st but she remains to be one of the most beautiful stars not only in Hollywood but even worldwide. You might wonder what her secret is? She claims that her long life is because of The Three Ls – Love, Laughter, and Light.