Mark Harmon Played An Integral Role In Convincing Cote De Pablo To Return To ‘NCIS’ As Ziva David, Producers Claim

Cote De Pablo officially returns to her role of Ziva in the iconic series NCIS. It appears that her former co-star Mark Harmon played an important role in convincing Cote to come back to the show.

Cote De Pablo returns to ‘NCIS’

Fans of the popular TV drama NCIS were over the moon when it was confirmed that Cote De Pablo returns to the series in the next season. Cote will reprise her role of Ziva David.

De Pablo reportedly left the series because she felt that producers couldn’t treat her character in a respectful manner. When the first rumors considering the actress’ comeback appeared in the press, fans wondered HOW exactly the show creators will revive Ziva after they ‘killed’ her?!

Well, the producers promised it would be a huge comeback. We really hope so!

How Mark Harmon helped convince Cote De Pablo

It appeared that fans should thank Mark Harmon for Ziva’s revival as it was he, who helped convince De Pablo to return to the series.

NCIS producers admit:

She decided to come out and actually meet with us. We had a clandestine meeting with Steve and I and Mark Harmon. It was like she had never left.

Mark Harmon, Cote De Pablo, and the rest of the NCIS cast are back together again! The upcoming season of the favorite series will be bombshell!