NCIS season 17, episode 7 recap: What happens in No Vacancy?

Last week saw NCIS deal with the murder of a petty officer’s son where evidence suggested Kasie Hines’ (Diona Reasonover) best friend was guilty. Once again, the team had to work together to crack another difficult case. But what happened in episode seven?

What happens in NCIS season 17, episode 7, No Vacancy?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS season 17, episode 7.

Episode seven, which was aired on CBS on Tuesday, November 12, starts off with the team finding out a marine called Alex Shaw was found partially eaten in a pig pen by a family on holiday. Unfortunately for Palmer (Brian Dietzen), he is terrified of pigs so wasn’t the easiest job for him to deal with.

A room key to the Monarch Motel in Virginia is then found nearby so the team heads their next in search of clues.

However, they did not expect what was in Shaw’s room.

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ncis no vacancy

What happened in the latest episode of NCIS? (Image: CBS)

agent gibbs no vacancy

What happened in episode 7 No Vacancy? (Image: CBS)

The agents found one hidden camera in the victim’s motel room but there wasn’t just one.

After a trip to the attic, they found several cameras focussed on each room through the air vents.

When questioned about the cameras, the motel manager says he doesn’t have a clue about why they are there as he just bought the motel a few months back.

Back in the forensics lab, Hines reports to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) she found enough fibreglass in the victim’s lungs to indicate he spent a lot of time in the attic.

Following up on a potential lead from McGee (Sean Murray) Gibbs and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) head to the re-election headquarters of US congressman Eric Riley (Aaron Craven) who was upset to learn of his friend’s death.

But during their conversation, Riley admits to drunkenly hooking up with someone at the Monarch and asked Shaw to find out who was the person blackmailing him after receiving a video of himself with the woman and feels responsible for his death.

NCIS season 17 episode 7

The team discovered secret cameras hidden around different motels. (Image: CBS)

The NCIS team.

The NCIS team. (Image: CBS)

After Hines tests the attic beams in the motel for DNA, she finds traces of a Daniel Mulgrew who had a record of hacking and cybercrimes but when they arrived at his home, they found him dead with slits on his wrists, with his body positioned in front of screens showing secret cameras in 13 other motels.

Mulgrew was the IT technician for a blackmail ring but when Palmer sees rope marks on his wrists, they realise his suicide was staged and he was in fact murdered.

Bishop recognises his former employer as an NSA front company so they track down ex-boss Patrick Norian (Kevin Kilner).


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Norian says he fired Mulgrew for using camera equipment to spy on some of his female co-workers.

But when Hines breaks into Mulgrew’s encrypted emails, she discovers his blackmailing boss was Norian himself.

He confesses to this but insists he had nothing to do with his murder.

Thankfully though, the marine who called Shaw the day he was killed arrived back in town and Gibbs and Bishop were eager to talk to him.

The man explained Shaw requested facial recognition on footage from the motel and it revealed the identity of a female Russian spy.

She was caught her on the way out of the country with stolen intel hidden in her belongings and it is discovered Congressman Riley had been exchanging sex for secrets and when Shaw discovered what was happening, Riley killed his old friend and framed Mulgrew for his murder.

While this is all going on though, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) meets his new older girlfriend Elena Devol’s (Lisa LoCicero) son Richard (Zak Steiner), a special ops staff sergeant at Camp Pendleton, who takes a shining to Bishop.

Things turn awkward though when the Bishop and Devol go on a date in the same restaurant as his mother and Torres.

But will this have an impact on the agents’ working relationship?

NCIS season 17 continues every Tuesday on CBS.