Woman Wins $350 Million Dollar Powerball, Shares New Wealth With Veterans In Need

Woman Wins $350 Million Dollar Powerball, Shares New Wealth With Veterans In Need

Winning a jackpot does not happen most of the time. If ever this happens to us, there are plenty of ways that we can spend our winnings. But this woman from Iowa did the unthinkable when she won the Powerball Fortune.

Lerynne West won part of the huge Powerball jackpot but instead of keeping all the money to herself, she decided to give back through charity!

West gave $500,000 of her nearly $350,000,000 winnings to the veterans’ organization. During her appearance on The Ellen Show, this single mother of three talked about her big win and her plans on how she will spend her money. According to West, she created her own non-profit organization, The Callum Foundation, which will provide financial assistance to different cases which includes poverty, animal welfare, and also to the veterans’ services.

West named this organization in honor of her grandson who passed away a day after his premature birth.

The first donation will be for a half a million dollars to the Travis Mills Foundation which is a group that offers services and retreats to service members who have been injured in combat. West shared that this is a cause that is very close to her heart. She said that she grew up in a large military family where she has three brothers who served, and also a father who was a war veteran.

Because of her family background and also her love for family helped her decide to form a foundation and give back.

West worked hard in order to finish school and as an adult, she worked different jobs to support her family. She was finally able to purchase her first home when she was 51 and it was during move-in that she stopped to buy a lotto ticket. She said that she was in the middle of unpacking in her new home when she decided to take a break.

She and her sister made a pitstop at a local gas station for pizza and coffee. This is when they bought a few lottery tickets.

West is a regular lotto player and she believes that if it was meant for her to win, she would!

Because of this belief, she would always let the computer pick her numbers. The very next day, her friend reminded her to check her Powerball tickets but she did not have it. She realized that she left them on the floor of her sisters’ car. So she called her to check them after she learned that one winner was from Iowa.

When they checked it, her life changed in an instant!

She resigned from her job but she still wanted to do something for her community, which is why her foundation was born. There is now a board in place so the foundation will begin to grant requests starting in 2019.

Like other lotto winners, West considers herself blessed. Like us, she always dreamed of winning the lottery and in those daydreams, she always included a plan to help other people who are in need because she felt that it was her responsibility to do so.

Many people believe that West winning the Powerball Fortune was definitely a case of “the right person winning.” Everyone found her story to be inspirational.