‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Sparks Concern After Making a Major Change to the Show

NCIS: New Orleans has been popular since its debut in 2014. But even the hit crime show isn’t immune to causing a little drama from time to time.

This season has been particularly crazy. First, they killed off Lasalle (Lucas Black) which devastated viewers. Then, they switched the air day from Tuesdays, after the original NCIS, to Sunday nights following NCIS: Los Angeles.

The latter might mean worse things for the show than the former, however. According to CinemaBlend, it may have been a “mistake” to swap NCIS: NOLA into a Sunday slot, as its February debut “dropped a shocking 41% in the ratings to hit 0.5 and 26% in viewership for an audience of 5.2 million.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday nights, the flagship show rose 11% in the ratings, and FBI: Most Wanted, which took NCIS: NOLA’s spot, also increased. All of this to say, perhaps NCIS: NOLA should have stayed put.

The good news is, NCIS: NOLA still had the highest viewership in the 10 p.m. Sunday hour, according to TV Series Finale. Plus, viewers at home are passionate that they don’t mind the move, so hopefully things will settle soon.

Pride (Scott Bakula) and the rest of the gang are pretty beloved, so we don’t think they’ll be getting cancelled. Still, better make sure to tune in, just in case.