NCIS plot hole: Glaring Ducky plothole may have ruined hundreds of episodes

NCIS has spiked in popularity over the last few years, with many of the show’s incredible storylines piquing the interests of avid crime fiction viewers.

However, while many of the show’s finer details have been ironed out to create an almost perfect fantasy show, its fans have pointed out a few issues in how the show handles some aspects of police work.

Recently, fans have pointed out Ducky is doing something particularly bad during his autopsies.

NCIS isn’t known for its gritty realism, but it does keep many of the realistic aspects of the NCIS team at its core values. Detective Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) has never strayed from doing his job in a believable manner, in order to keep viewers immersed in the thick NCIS lore. However, fans have since been looking into what has errors have been let slip so far, and have found some glaring issues with the way Ducky (David McCallum) works.

Ducky has been part of the show since before it aired, as he featured in the prequel outing JAG as the official medical examiner for the NCIS department.

He has found himself as one of the fan-favourites due to a number of quirks and his diligence to do his job well.

Unfortunately, fans of the show are keen to point out the details and Ducky’s practice has now been called into question.

Speaking about Ducky’s method of autopsying, viewers explained he doesn’t regularly change clothes or wear coveralls to deter germs from getting involved in the physical evidence.

NCIS plot hole ducky gibbs

NCIS plot hole: Ducky may have ruined some investigations (Image: CBS)

NCIS plot hole ducky

NCIS plot hole: Ducky’s practices may have hurt some investigations (Image: CBS)

A viewer recently pointed this out, saying: “Numerous times, autopsies are conducted by Ducky, who is wearing the same clothes he wore in the field.

“Not only does this promote cross-contamination, but it is also highly unsanitary as well as an OSHA violation.”

Obviously, with so much at stake for the various criminal cases that come through the door, Ducky’s professionalism is of paramount importance.

If he is indeed contaminating the evidence that comes through his door, he may have ruined a countless number of scenarios.

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NCIS plot hole gibbs

NCIS plot hole: Will Gibbs ever notice this detail? (Image: CBS)

However, as fans know, NCIS isn’t to be taken 100 percent seriously, and therefore Ducky could be viewed as he is: some light comic relief during a scene which includes a dead body.

Meanwhile, viewers have also been hard at work in pointing out the problematic detail between Gibbs and Tobias Fornell’s (Joe Spano) relationship.

Gibbs revealed he had an ex-wife back in season four, when Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw) came onto the scene to turn his world upside down.

But when Fornell first arrived on the show Gibbs acted as if they didn’t know each other.

However, the pair were both married to Diane at different points, meaning they almost definitely knew each other.

A fan on Reddit pointed out: “Gibbs and Fornell not knowing each other in the very first episode, then later it’s revealed they were both married to Diane.”

Despite this supposedly glaring issue, the fan added: “There’s probably a bit of wiggle room to ‘explain’ it though.”

Fans quickly ran to the defence of the show, however, with one writing: “I can sort of understand that one.. Not a lot of shows know 100 per cent what they want to do with every character in the very first episode of the show.” (sic)