NCIS fans spot plot hole in first ever episode after major location error

NCIS sees Agent Gibbs and his team using tips and clues to help solve their cases, but fans of the show might have them beat when it comes to sleuthing. After years of watching the crime drama series, viewers are pretty good at picking up on things that don’t quite add up. And it turns out there’s a pretty glaring error in the show’s first ever episode thanks to a mix up in location. See it all goes wrong due to the President of the United States’ private plane, Air Force One.

A viewer on the Movie Mistakes website pointed out that where the plane landed would have changed the episode’s plot quite a lot. The fan pointed out the plane landed in Wichita, Kansas, but the jurisdiction of the crime was meant to be elsewhere. NCIS fans spot plot hole in first ever episode Agent Gibbs might be needed to solve this curious case (Picture: CBS) And in the real world, this just doesn’t quite add up like it should. The fan wrote: ‘Air Force One landed in Wichita,

Kansas. The local coroner claimed jurisdiction for Wichita County. ‘The city of Wichita, Kansas is in Sedgwick County, in southern Kansas. Wichita County, Kansas is in western Kansas, about 250 miles from the city of Wichita.’ Air Force One Air Force One is seen landing in the wrong location in the show’s first-ever episode (Picture: Pool) This would mean Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Hammon) would have had his case taken away from him! Some have also speculated that perhaps this was actually part of the criminals’ plan to cover up their tracks by moving jurisdiction.

NCIS fans spot plot hole in first ever episode The hit crime drama has been thrilling fans since 2003 (Picture: CBS) Either way, the error has been spotted by the eagle-eyed fans – adding to the list of plot holes that have appeared during the many years of the series. Fans recently saw another location error in the season premiere of season five. More: NCIS zone post image for post 12662139 NCIS fans spot location error plot hole in Season 5 premiere zone post image for post 12634119 Eagle-eyed NCIS fans spot plot hole zone post image for post 12520289 NCIS star Diona Reasonover talks binge-watching Wynonna Earp with her wife and therapist While there were questions raised about whether Ducky (David McCallum) should be helping investigations, seeing as he doesn’t seem to know how to use a dictaphone. NCIS airs on CBS, season 17 concluded on April 14.