NCIS: Was Abby Scuito kill ed off? Pauley Perrette’s exit explained

NCIS fans were devastated when Abby Scuito left the long-running crime procedural series. But was her character killed off?

NCIS season 15 was the final outing for fan-favourite Abby Scuito (played by Pauley Perrette) in the CBS drama series. Viewers were devastated by her exit but some might be wondering if she was killed off on the show or whether she just moved on to a new role. Here’s everything fans need to know about her exit on the show.
Was Abby Scuito killed off on NCIS?

Quirky forensic scientist Abby won fans on NCIS as soon as she was introduced in the JAG backdoor pilots for the show.

Known for her love of Caf-Pow, gothic fashion sense and skill at solving crimes, the character went on to star in 15 seasons of the show.

However, back in 2018, Scuito made her exit from the series in a dramatic send-off.

As some fans might remember, she left the show in the episodes One Step Forward and Two Steps Back.

She was involved in the tragic Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) storyline which marker her tear-jerking exit.

In the first part of her two-episode send-off, Abby went to a restaurant with Clayton before they were held at gunpoint in an alley nearby.

When Two Steps Back picked up on the action, it was revealed Clayton had been killed while Abby was fighting for her life in hospital.

The NCIS team soon worked out how she was actually the victim of a hit planned by Robert King (Peter Jason).

However, Abby was not killed off in her final episode and instead woke up with Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) by her side.

She soon joined in the hunt for King, cornering him in a café where she placed cyanide (which was actually just caffeine pills) in his drink.

By promising him the antidote, she managed to get him to confess planning a hit on her.

Then came Abby’s exit as she told her team members she was leaving NCIS to accompany Clayton’s body home to London – and would not be coming back.

After packing up her workstation she then left a note for Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), telling him of her departure.

In her final scene, viewers were given a montage of some of the characters’ best moments as she left the lab for good.

While some fans thought her exit seemed to suggest she might return at some point, star Pauley Perrette has revealed she won’t be back.

Speaking about her exit on the chatshow The Talkback in 2018, Perrette revealed how important playing the character was for her.

She said: “Yeah, it’s been such an incredible journey, this one little fictional television character.

“It has been enormous and overwhelming for young girls around the world, every country in the world, and over the course of 15 years, to have modeled themselves after this TV character.

“And it made math and science not only a viable plan for them but it made it accessible and fun.

“And it inspired these girls, which has been so heartwarming.”

Since starring in NCIS, Perrette has gone on to land a leading role in a CBS sitcom called Broke.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled while the first season was still airing earlier this year.