CBS tries to start again: NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles on set in early September?

NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles on set in early September? Bull and Magnum PI are also back in production

Yet something moves. While the Covid-19 continues to be in everyone’s thoughts, the world of American television productions are looking for a way to start again. If in Europe as shown by Italy with Leonardo (read here) the productions are restarted, in the United States the situation is more serious and very few shows return to the set.

These include daytime soaps with questionable features such as the use of inflatable dolls, or Tyler Perry’s TV series Sistas and The Oval that are shot in a Perry-owned studio in a kind of “oasis” in Atlanta. The autumn schedules, however, are the real braid of the broadcaster channels. If streaming platforms or cable companies have delayed some releases, they can rely on foreign acquisitions and may survive with 3/4 launches per month, ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW and CBS must fill at least 10/15 hours a week with original content.

Fox and The CW may have been the most cautious, preparing a schedule with acquisitions and leaving the debut of their series to 2021 (Fox was also lucky having NeXt and Filthy Rich ready but not yet released), CBS, ABC and NBC have thought of a “classic” fall maybe with more delayed departures but with their shows.

CBS is working on this. Sony-produced SWAT is the first broadcast show to be back on set and filming is on the run. The next, according to deadline rumors, should be NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles which are expected to start on September 9 and 3,at least these are the provisional dates. Of course, following all the necessary protocols and safety standards.

Two more CBS TV Studios dramas could soon return to the set: Bull in New York and Magnum P.I. Hawaii, but in this case there are no dates already set. If by mid-September NCIS, NCIS:LA, Bull and Magnum PI can start again considering that CBS still has the tail of a Big Brother started later, The Amazing Race ready and SWAT in production, from mid-October the network could have an “almost normal” schedule.

It also appears that CBS comedy The Neighborhood and The Unicorn are about to return to the set between late August and early September, while for Chuck Lorre Young’s comedy Dramas, Mom, Bob Heart Abishola and B Positive,produced by Warner Bros., the goal would be mid-September. Universal TV’s FBI and FBI Most Wanted are expected to start in late September and early October with filming.

But in addition to Covid, police procedurals also have to contend with the murder of George Floyd, the charges against the police and the Black Lives Matters movement. According to Variety CBS, it has entered into an agreement with 21 CP Solution,a public safety consulting firm, to help screenwriters change the approach of police in the series.

The 21 CP Solution is made up of police chiefs who have revolutionized and rearranged complicated districts, restoring a relationship of trust with the population. This, in addition to the Covid protocols, will also be interesting for the future of seriality.